April 27, 2010

Walpurgis day

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Hello again, dear blog readers!

And sorry, it’s been while… Anyway it’s the time! Walpurgis day, or vappu as we call it, is one of the biggest and certainly one of the dearest national parties in Finland. Vappu is all about having fun! Going to vappu market, buying some balloons, eating chips and candy and even cotton candy… And if you’re eighteen or over, you may take a few drinks (well, if you know the way we Finns usually drink, you may know that some may take a few too much). Allthough vappu is worker’s celebration in Finland it is also student’s party. So if you are in Finland on the 1st of May, prepare to see not only student’s caps but also some very stylish coveralls!

2002 May Day: Finnish ex-politician Tanja Karpela gives a speechNotice traditional student’s cap!

But alcohol isn’t the only drink which we Finns enjoy during May Day. Sima, a home-made mead, is traditional and very tasty drink. What comes to eating, tippaleipä (a funnel cake) is also a tradition. Unfortunately I don’t right now have a recipe to share with you, but I promise to try find a good recipe before vappu. Anyway here’s a picture:

Mead and funnel cake

As a child I always loved to go to the vappu market! My parents usually bought me a balloon (filled with helium) and a t-shirt which they print in there, on their stand on the vappu market (hope you catch the idea). Nowadays I’m not sure am I going to vappu market, perhaps, but yet I love those markets very much. If you’re in Finland on May Day, visit May Day market! I’m pretty sure every town has one.

Now I’ll have to end this post but I promise to be more active… at least I’ll try. I’m kind of busy with all my school jobs, but as the spring goes further school will ease. Happy vappu everybody!

– Findandojin

P.S. Thanks for the pictures to Wikimedia Commons! It’s nice to have a backup 😉

October 4, 2009

It’s time for traditional turnipla (or fish) pasty!

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Hi again!

Today when I woke up I had probably the best breakfest so far this autumn – well, I also love those mornings when I wake up because of the beautiful smell of rye bread! This morning the pleasant smell was smell of a turnipla pasty (in Finnish it’s lanttukukko).

I’m not really a turnipla-lover, but turnipla pasty is North Karelian tradition. More famous pasty is Finnish fish pasty (that is kalakukko in Finnish) which comes from Savo (Savonia). The funny thing is that both of those pasties’ Finnish names have ‘kukko’ ending. Kukko means rooster but the actual rooster has nothing to do with this food.

If you are travelling in Finland and want to try some kukko, you can find some traditional kalakukko (fish pasty) in the marketplace of Kuopio. It’s the original (and probably best) place to buy and try kalakukko, and according Wikipedia you can also buy a very small kukko for beginning.

More information about the Savonian kalakukko or the North Karelian lanttukukko is found in the link “Finnish fish pasty“, which leads you to Wikipedia’s article. Now I’m going to share a recipe of lanttukukko (a turnipla pasty, a.k.a. a rutabaga pasty). This reminds a bit the recipe that my mum uses in her traditional pasty, so I guarantee it’s good – at least if you like Finnish food. Oh, by the way, this is not a fast to make (not many traditional North Karelian foods are) and usually the making of this food is started in the night before eating.

FINNISH LANTTUKUKKO (a turnipla pasty)

Ingredients for the dough

  • 5 dl water
  • ½ teaspoonful salt
  • 100g grease (butter or margarine for instance)
  • about 9 dl rye flour
  • about 3 dl wheat flour or dark wheat flour

Ingredients for the filling

  • turnipla (rutabaga)
  • pork (good meat and a little fatty meat also)
  • (salt)
  1. Whisk all ingredients for the dough to a thick and sort of tough dough. Roll it to oval shape. It must be 1 cm deep from the middle and lower from the edges.
  2. Sprinkle some rye flour to the middle of dough. Add the rutabagas (boiled either medium or cooked) and raw meats. Put good pork meat deeper and leave the fattier meat upper: those meats will juice up whole pasty, that’s why those meats are also very important! If you want to, you can put salt in the filling. If you have chosen to do so, then add the salt now.
  3. Lift the edges on top of the filling. Now you have closed the pasty. Shape the pasty with water and flour: shape should remind a bit of large rye bread. [Picture of floured kukko.] Also check out pictures of ready kukko.
  4. Put the pasty in the oven. Keep in 200-250 degrees Celsius (392-482 degrees Fahrenheit) until it has got some colour (again, check out the pictures below). Wrap up in aluminium foil.
  5. You still need to soften the filling, so stew it in 100-150 degrees Celsius (212-302 degrees Fahrenheit) for 4-6 hours.
  6. When you have taken the pasty from the oven, do not remove the aluminium foil. Wrap up in newspaper to soften the shell.

You can also use a potato or a fish filling in kukko. Shell can be made of black bread dough, I’ve heard it fits perfectly with potato filling. Enjoy!


This one is ready to be eaten!

This one is ready to be eaten!

It's wrapped also a towel :D

It's wrapped also to a towel 😀

I usually eat only the shell, because I don't like turnipla too much...

I usually eat only the shell, because I don't like turnipla too much...

On top of my kukko's shell often is butter and cheese ;)

On top of my kukko's shell often is butter and cheese 😉

For more Finnish recipes, go to Finnish and Scandinavian Recipes. Personally I recommend Karelian rice pasties, sausage rolls, mead (for vappu at least!) and bilberry/strawberry milk.

See you soon!


June 21, 2009

Finnish cottage culture

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I have a new theme in my blog, as you can see… I also have a brand new laptop, it’s gift from my parents. You see, I had confirmation in this month. But now about the Finnish cottage culture!

19th of the June this year was the Midsummer Eve. People in Finland often go to their cottages when it’s summer, specially in the Midsummer Eve. This year me and my family also went to cottage which we rented. So here is a few pics from that cottage, its shed and its outhouse!

The Cottage

The Cottage

It’s not very big one but surely pretty nice one!

(sorry I’m lazy rest of these pics are in that gallery…)


PIC 1: THE SHED I’m not sure is the shed correct word, but this one has one bedroom for two (small one) and another room full of logs.

PIC 2: OUTHOUSE Hahaa this is cottage’s outhouse! Notice that poster in the wall, which has Uncle Scrooge in it: there reads “Donald Duck” in Finnish, because it was extra poster in the comic magazine called Aku Ankka (= Donald Duck).

PIC 3: THE SAUNA It’s very small sauna… that’s all I’m going to say!

It is a necessary part of Finnish Midsummer Eve to go to sauna and take a bath whisk with you. It’s often made of boughs of birch, and so was ours. Here’s a pic!

Bath whisk

Bath whisk

We also grilled sausages, played mölkky etc. But now I must go because I’m HUNGRY!!

See you soon, and happy Midsummer to everyone!


February 14, 2009

In love with Salmiac

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I’ll tell you quickly about one of my passions: salmiac! It’s a very tasty finnish goodie, and I’ll tell you where you can order the best of finnish salmiacs: Suomikauppa.fi – Salmiac sweets (in English). There’s a lot of salmiacs, but my number one favourite is Haganol: Apteekin Salmiac. (in Finnish: Apteekin salmiakki, in English: Pharmacy’s salmiac) It’s so good… when you take one, you must take another too! Its name is “pharmacy’s” because they sell it in pharmacies. I really, really do love it!! So go to Suomikauppa.fi, Salmiac sweets and Haganol: Apteekin Salmiac! That’s all. (The other salmiacs are also very good, you should order them too – be brave, once you taste salmiac you never go back! :D)

– Recommend by Findandojin

That’s sauna, my dear blog readers!

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Hello, dear blog readers!

Today I’m going to tell you about something very finnish thing: SAUNA. (Btw, in Finnish it’s also written “sauna”.) And this is the Finnish sauna then!! Nowadays people usually have an electric sauna, but earlier sauna was heated by wood. You put the woods in the bath-house stove (it’s a special stove called kiuas) and lighted them. The rocks on the bath-house stove heated, and when you threw water on them, it became a steam (a.k.a löyly). This hot steam warmed you too. This was just a bit about old saunas. Anyway nowadays it’s just electric. In Finland we also like to use leafy, fragrant boughs of silver birch called vihta or vasta to gently beat oneself. (I like to use word “vasta”.) Specially in the Midsummer!!! No Midsummer without sauna and vasta! Sometimes we even eat sausage or drink something in the sauna (over 18 years old can drink beer in sauna). In Finland we also have public saunas, for example in the indoor swimming baths. There is different saunas to women and men, but in a private sauna women and men can take a sauna together. And in Finland we don’t think it’s pervert, not at all! And did you know, that Finnish women used to give a birth in the sauna? Well, of course present days Finnish women goes to hospitals, not to saunas, but I think this really gives a good example how important sauna really is to us Finns.

Here is couple of pictures from OUR sauna. It’s pretty typical electric sauna. Saunas warmed by wood are usually little bigger, and nowadays you can see them in traditional summer cottages. Oh, and if it’s winter, you can try something pretty extreme but fun: go stright from the sauna to avanto (it’s a hole in the ice)! Or “swim” in the snow. It’s fun, I just don’t like to do it on our backyard, there’s too many possibilities that somebody would see me… But when your in the countryside, it’s fun!! Anyway, those photos which I already told you about:

Little bit explainings:

1st photo: Our kiuas… bath-house stove.

2nd photo: Our thermometer of sauna… It’s funny, isn’t it?

3rd photo: This is sort of “full of feeling”-photo… So this is our sauna. You can see our pail (“kiulu”).

4th photo: This is photo took near of “saunatakki”. It’s a coat made of Turkish towel… Warms you up after a shower. 🙂 This pattern is called “Jussi-shirt” pattern. (Jussi-paita, Jussi-paidan kuviointi) Also the Dudesons use a lot of Jussi-paita pattern.

I must honestly say: I can’t even imagine to live even a week without taking sauna! Usually I and my family take 3 to 4 times sauna in a week. And of course at Christmas, at Midsummer… If you want to know more about sauna before or nowadays, go to Wikipedia : Sauna (in English)

Ask questions, make comments, correct my spelling mistakes, anything! Comments make my day! ;D



January 30, 2009

Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics!!

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Hi my dearest blog readers,

I did make a important discovery today. I opened Google and wrote: “Chamillionaire – lyrics”. And quess what I found? Not only one but TWO pages full of lyrics!! I’m so excited!! I know, I know, internet is full of lyrics and songs and all kind of things, but still I didn’t expect to really find so great sites!!

Today I also edited my blog. I deleted “WordPress.org” -link, but I added link to my another blog, Kahvia kahdelle (Coffee for two). It’s in Finnish, but you can still go and check it. At least you’ll see my lovely little cairnterrier, who just had his 10th birthday…

I’m not sure where you are from, and I’m not sure can you see the Finnish TV-series The Dudesons. It tells about four friends who are from Seinäjoki. (It’s Finnish city.) These four guys do all kind of crazy stunts and they really are crazy! I mean it. I really love this TV-series. Actually I’m going to watch it tonight. Tonight’s theme is “Dudesons World War” (it’s from season 3, the newest season). I was a bit surprised when I found this article from Wikipedia in English!

Now I’ll go to it mudcake (aww, it’s very loveable American chocolate-cake, and you know, I’m crazy about chocolate!) and drink some coffee (mm… coffee…) See you soon!


January 24, 2009

5 Top movies & books

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At the beginning: I’m going to change my nick name to Findandojin. Less for this blog. Findandojin is japanese word for “the Finn”. But then let’s move on!!

Today I thought it would be nice to list 5 top movies which everybody should see. I’d also like to list 5 top books that YOU should read! So that’s why you’ll have 2 lists today: 5 TOP MOVIES TO SEE and 5 TOP BOOKS TO READ. Enjoy!


  1. THE MUMMY. Amazing and funny movie about ancient Egypt. No surprise I listed it? 🙂 Also The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King -movies are good. I’m not sure about The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor because I haven’t see it, but Evelyn’s actress has changed. Terrible, isn’t it??
  2. THE DA VINCI CODE. Fabulous, marvellous, word’s can’t even tell how good it is! (I’m not sure can you say so in English, but it means it’s really, really good…) It includes action and mysteries and reminds me of detective stories – and you know, I really like detective stories!
  3. LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER / LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE. I just like them so much! It’s just so good action and interesting story. In both of them! I also like very much Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It’s also Angelina Jolie’s action movie. She’s good actress.
  4. LORD OF THE RINGS – TRILOGY. C’mon, what would fantasy-fans say if I’d leave it out of the list?? 😉 Well it’s anyway a very good movie, as we all know, and really represents modern fantasy. If you haven’t see ANY of them, you should watch LoTR: The Fellowship of the Ring. And then you must see the rest of them too!
  5. TUNTEMATON SOTILAS. This is Finnish movie, and in English it would be “The Unknown Soldier”. This is something you can’t see, I know, and I’m sorry, but I had to list it. And if you have finnish friends, you can always ask them about this movie – I’m 100% sure they know it!!


  1. RAMSES by Christian Jacq. Five novels about one of the greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt! As my brother asked me: “Five novels from one guy??!” He’s not just another guy! Read the books and you’ll know.
  2. DEATH ON THE NILE by Agatha Christie. This novel  (and movie, btw. I love Suchet as Poirot!) is a very good example of Christie’s books. Of course I can recommend any of Christie’s books. And Death on the Nile is classic, and I like it very much myself.
  3. ANGELS AND DEMONS by Dan Brown. And The Da Vinci Code. Both of them are great novels, and reading them makes you really think about religions. (This was warning ;P)  I also like about Brown’s novel Deception Point.
  4. HOUR GAME by David Baldacci. Mix of detectives and action! I quess you can never underestimate David Baldacci…
  5. SOME FANTASY BOOKS. Classics like Lord of the Rings -trilogy (by J. R. R. Tolkien, as we all know), J. K. Rowling‘s Harry Potters and Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight and New Moon. I’m also going to read Eclipse, which has just came to Finland. And when they publish Breaking Dawn (in 2009, this year!!) and Midnight Sun (interrupted) in Finland, I’m going to read them too!

So this was all for today, I’m going to stay in this address and I probably keep this blog name too, because it would sound stupid: “Findandojin from Finland”. Little bit like “the Finn from Finland”, and that makes no sense! 😉 That means that you still find this blog in the same address and with the same name.

Have a nice spring!!


December 11, 2008

Hello world!

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Hello everybody!

Hi. It’s very nice that you’ve found my blog. I’m Skedel and I’m from Finland – I’m the 8th grader trying to learn English. That’s a fact which you must knows so you don’t judge me so badly, if all my texts aren’t exactly right… I still hope that you understand all my meanings and opinions!

Thanks and enjoy yourselves,


P.S. After all, some of my mistakes can be quite a funny, right?